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What is Abuse?

People often make the assumption that abuse is physical. Abuse is more than hitting or slapping. People who are being abused tend to know when behaviours are abusive. They know that something is not right. You may not know what it is initially. Learn to Trust yourself. Be an expert in your own life! ...more


Abuse Story – Son & Mom Perspective

Son: Twelve years ago, my Dad left my Mom for another woman. The divorce was a huge blow to my Mom’s self-esteem despite how successful and independent she was in life. After 3 years of moping around the house and feeling sorry for herself, Mom finally mustered the courage to get back into the dating […]

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Sarah’s Story

Here is a story about a woman and her family: Sarah lived in a nice home in an up-scale neighbourhood.  She enjoyed the sense of community she found there.  But, all was not well in her world.  According to her husband, Sarah couldn’t do anything right, ever, he yelled at her regularly and would physically […]

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