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What is Victim Services?

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The 2015 National Victims of Crime Week theme “Shaping the Future Together” raises awareness about issues facing victims of crime and the services, programs and laws in place to help victims and their families.  Tri-City Transitions Society with funding from the Department Justice Canada present information to help those victimized by crime in our community. At the language links above you will find a fact sheet in each language in PDF.

What is Abuse?

People often make the assumption that abuse is physical. Abuse is more than hitting or slapping. People who are being abused tend to know when behaviours are abusive. They know that something is not right. You may not know what it is initially. Learn to Trust yourself. Be an expert in your own life! ...more

Joy's Place - Notice of Vacancy

Approximate Availability Date: May 30th
Application Deadline: Tuesday, May 17th

We are currently accepting applications for:

  • A unit for a single woman
  • A unit for a mom with one child
  • A unit for a mom with two children

Applications can be found on our 2nd Stage Housing Program Page. Please complete the application and fax to 604 941 9275 or email to together with required documentation and letters of reference.

If a woman’s application meets our initial screening process, we will contact her at the Transition House to set up an interview, and a final decision will be made within a week after the interview.

Please phone 604-941-7111 if you have any questions or require an application form.

Thank You For Your Support!

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Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Production

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Production

2016 Census

Statistics Canada conducts a census every five years. The next census will take place in May 2016. All residents of Canada are legally required to complete either the short- or long-form census questionnaire, according to the Statistics Act. Click on the image link below for more information.

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Abuse Story – Son & Mom Perspective

Son: Twelve years ago, my Dad left my Mom for another woman. The divorce was a huge blow to my Mom’s self-esteem despite how successful and independent she was in life. After 3 years of moping around the house and feeling sorry for herself, Mom finally mustered the courage to get back into the dating […]

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Sarah’s Story

Here is a story about a woman and her family: Sarah lived in a nice home in an up-scale neighbourhood.  She enjoyed the sense of community she found there.  But, all was not well in her world.  According to her husband, Sarah couldn’t do anything right, ever, he yelled at her regularly and would physically […]

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